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Water Leak Detection System
A system for early detection of water leaks at particular locations in any water-dependent appliance and apparatus used in buildings such as homes, townhouses, apartments, mobile homes, and offices. A central control apparatus electrically interconnected with a plurality of circuits which enable water leaks to be accurately detected in a diversity of devices including air conditioners, compressor coils, hot water appliances, and pipes, and for communicating the severity of the water-related problem.

A plurality of water sensors are incorporated into specially designed probes of the preferred embodiment of the present invention wherein water leaks may be accurately and reliably detected in a diversity of water-dependent appliances and devices. A fiber glass cloth means functions as a probe for sensing water leaks via its built-in plurality of sensors constructed from a corresponding plurality of conductive wires enables the location and extent of a water leak to be ascertained. The apparatus is designed to be easily installed and to be inherently devoid of any safety hazards. Specially color-coded wires enable particular appliances and pipes to be properly interconnected wherein water leaks may be detected early enough to prevent consequent water-damage. A telephone interface enables early warnings and alerts of water leaks to be communicated via conventional telephone lines.
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